September of my years.

It’s been four months sine I retired. It’s been a good 4 months. Although I started this blog the day of  my retirement and continued for several weeks I failed to keep it going. I am determined to change that. I want to record the good life. An update of the past quarter year of retirement.

We did get to travel quite a bit — Boston, Hudson Valley, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Vermont, DC and Montpelier Virginia, and the Blue Ridge.  Our trip to Maine this month had to be cancelled.  I could say all the travel  is why I didn’t blog but that would be a lame excuse.

In addition to travel, I have tried to do a Philadelphia explore (often by train) about once a week. Diane has joined some trips — Constitution Center, Ebenezer Maxwell House in Germantown, the Parkway walk this past Sunday. Most of my city explores have been serendipity — no plans, wander the city, lunch (Alma De Cuba, Vietnam). Would like to expand this to NYC explores. One day trip was the Paglione-Profy beer Fest. John and I went to four brew pubs and quite a few bars.  We have also done quite a few NJ explores or Bucks County field trips.

Some routines have been established. Most mornings I walk on the canal — 2 or 3 miles. Some reading in the afternoon and movies at night. Trying to play more music. Actually dug out some tapes — inspired by a book I was reading that profiled a WV group, Trapezoid. We had tapes. Have also continued to cook, particularly bread baking. King Arthur class in VT was fantastic.  Some routines have not been established. On the table are bike riding, yoga and meditation.

The garden took a lot of time this year. About 300 pounds of tomatoes. And similar harvests of lettuce and other greens, peppers, eggplants, zucchini, some cucumbers, radishes and giant sunflowers. Our herbs did not do well. The gardening is one thing, cooking and preserving is another. Freezing things led to canning when the freezer was filled. In addition to the canned vegetables, I made blueberry jam and a peach-apricot jam. More to follow. The big advance was getting in a fall garden. A few weeks late but hopefully we will get some harvest and the gardens are prepared for Spring.

People contact has been a a real fun part of retirement. We have spent time with Viv and Eli — regular baby sitting gigs. I have been in contact with HGP alumni, close friends have visited, and I just meet more people. Whether it is someone on a canal walk, in a garden center, downtown Yardley, riding the train or walking around Philadelphia. I think this is because retirement allows moving at a slower pace. Time to talk, time to smell the flowers.

There is a lot that I have not done.  Projects that I should start.  And there is  a lot more I want to write about and detail more but enough for this morning.  I

I saw three Blue Herons on the canal this week.  I watch them stand, walk slowly, deliberately, pause, stand still, look, another step, then dart forward catching something to eat.  My image for today is the Great Blue.