Several days ago I finished six weeks of daily hyperbaric oxygen treatment in the hope of mending some of the radiation damaged tissue which led to the fistula that  in two years has not totally healed. Previously I’d been hospitalized for 10 days and had weeks of recovery.  Days, weeks, months — to long with medical issues defining my days.  I feel liberated.  I don’t know if there was any healing from the hyperbaric treatments but my psychological state has been lifted.

I made a list of old and new projects, things I want or need to do.  I’ve begun a return to my three prong schedule — daily routines and house keeping, retirement and house projects, relaxation and field trips. After the “get up and together” routine, I enjoy a breakfast– probably my favorite meal.   I’m hoping despite the cold that I will take a daily canal walk, about an hour.  Some will be with the new pup, Nala.  She is a friendly walker.

Winter potential projects range from fixing Jenny’s doll house for Viv, digitizing slides, organizing closets and drawers, “getting rid of stuff,” cleaning and painting the balcony, sanding and varnishing kitchen floors (not me but a contractor).  I want to experiment more with cooking, listen to more music, continue to read and re-read books, write and get back to photography.  Buying a new Nikon is still on the list.

For six weeks there has been no travel and few field trips. We did take take Eli and Viv to see “Annie,” had lunch out a few times, and a trip to Terrain to buy our Christmas tree, but that was about it.  Change needed.  Yesterday we took a beautiful back road ride to Harley Hill Alpaca Farm in Quakertown. Bought gloves and insoles for walking, a few gifts. Also learned quite a bit about alpacas.  Buy several, sell fur, and get a tax deduction.    Stopped at Peace Valley to walk Nala and enjoy a Tabora Farm turkey club with real farm bacon.  Diane stopped in the Lavendar shop.

Recently finished reading “Philadelphia: finding the hidden city.”  The authors have a website and sponsor “hidden city” explores.  I’ve done a few.  Buildings from the past, some in ruins, others being revitalized or reused.  Always exploring the layers of history.  My kind of thinking.  I’m hoping to return to my weekly or maybe bi-weekly serendipitous explores in Philadelphia.  I had hoped to add New York City but that may need to wait a bit.

For an overnight, I’m looking at a B and B with fireplaces in Chestertown, MD — maybe in January.  I just finished Frances Mayes, “Bella Tuscany” and Julia Child’s memoir of her years in France.  Could I handle a major trip in 2018?   I can dream.

I’ve accepted that I’m slower.  Everything seems to take longer.  This transition will be no different.  The wood stove will help.  By mid-afternoon, I’m ready to light the fire.  It’s glow and warmth spreads.  So much seems possible.


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