Winter is coming


It’s mid November and snow (turning to sleet and rain) is in the forecast.  Although it’s not officially winter until December 21; autumn seems to have ended.   Two weeks ago on some cold days I made a wood stove fire.  I suspect this week it will be a regular afternoon routine.

Diane suggested we look for a place to rent in Florida.  As much as I don’t like the cold, it didn’t appeal to me.  I am not sure why.  So how do we survive another winter in Yardley? This afternoon we organized our winter coats, gloves and scarves.

I realize that the cold will put a strain on my heart.  I need to bundle up and move slowly.  Yesterday I was collecting some sticks for kindling and I immediately felt a bit of chest pain.  At the same time I want and need to get out walking, frequently.  I have also tried to add indoor exercise to my daily routine.  So far it’s upper body, lifting a five pound weight.  Also need some bending and stretching.


I can continue, even expand, my cooking and baking this winter.  Try some new things; read and use our cookbooks more often. This morning I saw a recipe for Parker House rolls. So I made them them this afternoon.  They evoke memories of the Parker House, Boston, and snow storms.  Our farm market and speciality store shopping can continue.  My list includes apples from Solebury Orchard for apple butter.  I just ordered more boiled apple cider from King Arthur to add to apple sauce, pies and apple  butter.  Oatmeal, pancakes and heuvos rancheros are on the breakfast menu.

I finally began the slide project.  I have thousands, Yes thousands of slides in Kodak trays and albums. My plan is the edit them into three groups — trash, save in a box, and have digital copies made.  After rereading “The Pipes are Calling,” I pulled out the two Ireland trip trays.  It’s fun looking at them but the reorganization of all my slides will be a time consuming, slow “winter” project.  I need to address the record collection in a similar way.


Diane will walk Nala every day.    And she likes to make it a trip somewhere.  Hopefully I will continue to tag along on many, no most days.  The exercise is good, we get out and then can food shop at markets and speciality stores.  We also need to do some field trips and continue our weekly restaurant lunches.

If  last winter is any guide, most afternoons will be spent in front of the wood stove with a book, maybe writing.   I’m trying to reread about two books for every new one.  I’ve also been writing about them.  I’m not sure anyone is looking for my reviews but the writing helps me process.  I also need to rewatch some of the video and DVDs that I’ve been saving.


Nice snow fall this afternoon.  Woodstove fire.  Winter is coming.


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