Many Thanks Until Tomorrow

IMG_2911Most mornings during my wake up wash and other early morning rituals, I give thanks.  Maybe it’s praying for me.  I’m certainly not religious, practicing a specific faith, but I do believe in the spiritual.  I believe we need to express our thanks for our lives, accepting the trials and troubles; celebrating the joys and successes.

This morning after 71 passages around the sun, a memorable birthday, many messages from friends, a day with family, I was extremely thankful.  Native Americans probably have a ceremony.  So for me on this Wednesday, 25th, in July, 2018, I give thanks.

First I am thankful for another day.  The sun has risen.  I’m awake, thinking, moving, tasting life yet again.  I’m thankful for Diane, it was 50 years in 2017.  The past several years have been difficult for her, as she deals with her personal aging, and the caring I need.

I’m thankful for my immediate family, daughter, Jenny and husband, Rob.  And in a very special way, their children, my grand children, Eli and Viv.  I am oh so thankful for Eli’s recovery from neuroblastoma; and for Viv’s childhood honesty, humor and smile. She even gave me a birthday kiss.  I’m thankful for my four sisters (Cissy, Vicky, Marylee, Liz), their spouses (Louis, Ted, Norval) and their children, and their children.  Then there are the many cousins, their spouses and children.  Most mornings I mention many of their names but there are so many, I’ll spare you. But cousin Ellen and cousin Bill, come immediately to mind.   You get the idea.


I am thankful for ancestors that have passed.  Those I knew and those I never met.  The Italians and the Irish.  The believers and non-believers.  Particularly my parents who led full lives, mother’s tragically cut short by a hit and run driver.

I am thankful for friendship and all those who have been part of my life these many years. Some sent me greetings yesterday.  It’s interesting there are several groups besides relatives; Bristol and Yardley people; school friends; and students and colleagues, particularly HGP.  Names float by, Paglione, Taylor, Sears, Gallagher Corley, Alonzo, Honan, Posey, DiGiesi, Figliola, O’Connor, Buscaglia, Bonnema, Buettler, Carmine, Cavanaugh, Dye, Ditchkofsky, McCullough, Horch, Ramirez, Rosenthal, Kriven, Thomas. . . . .


I am thankful to live in a country with a democratic government and free press.  I am thankful for my talents (whatever) and interests.  The opportunity for a formal education and what is learned from being in the world — Peace Corps, travel, and local explores.  I appreciate and give thanks for years of teaching, hoping I opened the eyes and hearts and minds of a few students.  There have been so many at St. Michael’s, Holy Ghost Prep, LaSalle and Holy Family.

The list can go on and on: clear air to breathe; good food and drink to nourish; the ability and places to walk; the sights, smells, and textures of our world.  I am thankful for trees, flowers, the wind, birds, dogs (Nala), sailboats, music, books, the list goes on and on.

I’m quite uncertain about a single creator but I’m thankful for the spirit (or spirits) that animate my life and my world; your life and your world.

Morning ablutions do end; until tomorrow.




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