Birding: life list two

Just returned from a week on the Eastern Shore and Outer Banks.  We didn’t do any serious birding but kept our eyes and ears open.  Saw several White Ibis, all flying but pretty solid identification.  Caught a quick look at a Green Heron, sometimes we see them on canal in Yardley.



There are two birds I added new to my life list.  Something I’d hoped to do on this trip.  The first was the Black Vulture, a large black scavenger with gray head.  Although we also saw Turkey Vultures with their red head, the Black Vulture was more common.


I also listed the Boat-tailed Grackle in my Stokes life list.  Large black bird with bluefish-green gloss on head and back. A long flat tail.

Im pretty certain I’ve seen the Vulture and Grackle before but never recorded a sighting.  Other common species in the marshes were red-winged blackbirds and Eastern Kingbird.

Need to get out birding more frequently.




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