Birding: life list



Yesterday  afternoon I saw an unusual bird at our feeder.   Called Diane who immediately identified it as a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.  I was excited; “think it’s a new bird for me.”  I looked him up in my Stokes Field Guide where I keep my life list. No entry about a  Rose-breasted Grosbeak.  A new beautiful bird.  The distinctive red triangle on his breast is hard to miss.   In flight he shows white patches on the wings; rose-red “armpits;” and a white rump.

Stokes mentioned that he eats tree foliage, insects, and some fruit but will also come to a feeder for sunflower seeds.  It ranges in the northeast to the Midwest.  Both male and female sing with a distinctive squeak.  I think I heard it later in the day.

I’ve notations on 136 birds in Stokes.  Usually I have a date and where I saw the bird. Maybe this will be the stimulus to get out birding more frequently.  This coming week on the Outer Banks may offer some opportunity.


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