Need to Resist


We are one week into the Trump Presendency.  I never felt that I needed to give him a chance.  He had said enough during the campaign to earn my scorn.  At the same time, I never thought or said I was scared.  It wasn’t the end of the world, democracy or the U.S.  And I didn’t like those that went  down the lane of Hitler and  totalitarian comparisions.  It seemed too far.  Now I’m not so sure.

Trump is an assault on logic, truth and rational thought.  He cannot accept criticism; wants to control what is believed or not believed; and will use whatever authority or power to “get it his way.”  Did he play the Sinatra song “My Way” at an Inaugural Ball?

Some of Trump’s executive orders or policy announcements fall within the range of debate and discussion.  I’m not 100% sold on international trade agreements like NAFTA.  Never much liked the IMF.  Maybe NATO needs reforms.  And the Affordable Care Act needs tweaking — maybe major changes, I certainly don’t know; and Republicans haven’t explained.   Abortion; beliefs differ.   These are ideological and/or policy differences. And there can be many; sometimes strong.   They lead to debate and often compromise.   It’s part of what make democracy so great.

Trump’s threat is much different.  He attacks media when it doesn’t agree with his view.  He ignores factual evidence, attendance at his Inaugural, for instance.   If he kept his mouth shut, the low attendance issue would have gone away.  But he sends out Spicer to lie and uses Conway’s “alternative truth,” to justify the lie.    And then Trump repeats and reinforces the lie.   He doesn’t back down but wants the National Park Service to provide evidence that he had historic crowds. Photoshop, anyone.

Trump lost the popular vote.   So what?  Win the electoral college and you are President.  But now he is calling for an investigation of illegal voting.  Millions?  Millions!   Standard sources have stated, “no wide spread fraud.” But Trump claims, yes, wide spread fraud.We are suppose to listen to Trump and believe.

Trump claims he has created jobs when serveral US companies decide not to have factories leave the US.  The CEOs tell us it had nothing to do with Trump.  Whether Trump was or wasn’t responsible, the sad, sick commentary is Trump’s smiling egoism, “I am the best. . . only I can create jobs, save the country, the world.”  I think he believes it.  Some write that he is mentally disturbed.  Your call!

Trump’s wall and the suggestion of a major tax on Mexican imports.  Is he so stupid that he doesn’t realize the implications or so egoistic that he doesn’t care?  You don’t need to be an international trade expert to realize that the tax will be passed on to American consumers, in addition to the actual cost of the wall.  American taxpayer could be paying twice.  Trade war.  For what.  Trump’s ego.  Is the Trump line of clothes “made in the USA?”   I laughed when Great Britian’s Theresa May was asked what she thought about Trump and Mexico, he jumped in with, “she has other things to think about.”  Did that mean he didn’t want her to comment as she did on Russian sanctions.

John McCain says he won’t back down on Russian sanctions.  What will Trump say to Putin during their talks today.   Whatever, if necessary, Senator McCain, resist.

The EPA and other agencies have been silenced.  Trump knows more than scientists and professionals.  They are expected to be a propaganda arm for the Trump world view.  Interesting, it seems some in the National Park Service are resisting.  There is a FB page.  Only guessing it’s legit.

Trump has begun his assault on Muslims.  No entry for individuals from some Arab nations.  Is it possible those Muslim countries not on the list are places where Trump has investments?  There will be resistance in the courts.

The repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act is in disarray.  Republicans are realizing, it costs to provide health insurance for those uninsured.  Maybe some Trump voters may resist if they lose benefits.

New pipelines will probably be built.  Will there be environmental damage; injury to Native American rights?  Maybe coal miners can be hired to build the pipelines.  If they don’t get jobs maybe they will resist.

The good news is that resistance to Trump is growing.  I’ll admit I’m worried, a bit scared.  But I believe the pendulum will shift as it always does.  Maybe dramatically; maybe quickly.   In the end, I believe,  Tinkerbell say it,  everybody say it, say “I believe.”  Trump won’t win.




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