Trump: I’m tired.


For some reason I broke down today.  I’ve had enough of Trump.  I’ve read too many articles about his history of lying, bankruptcies, poor business decisions, marriages, arrogance. And then his candidate pronouncements — building a wall between the US and Mexico; barring Muslin immigration; snide, ridiculous, or discriminatory comments against women, people of the Middle East, the handicapped, minorities;  suggestions that gun lovers may take on (out) Clinton.  No, I’m tired of it.  So I vented on Facebook.

I wrote several posts:

Number 1:   I was cleaning up back magazines after being away for several weeks and ran into the July 18, Time. 240 Reasons to Celebrate America (oh, this is liberal media). According to D. Trump, America is falling apart. Responsibility falls to that Black President, who wasn’t born in the United States, and you know who, Hillary Clinton.

I realize there is poverty, out of work people, terrorism, just as there is racism, anti feminism, homophobia. But these are all  constants. Unfortunately not something new.

Is America falling apart from your experience? I was in a restaurant (a bit upscale) in Wellfleet on Cape Cod last week. The tables were filled with loud, laughing families and couples enjoying lobster and other local seafood. I engaged the head waitress, “Are these people part of the failing, falling apart America?” She smiled, “I don’t think so.” I suspect some were Republicans and restaurants on Route 6 were filled (waiting in line) with many more middle class families.

I ask those decent, normal Trump supporters. Consider, is the country falling apart as Trump suggests? Is your life worse than it was 8 years ago. I know your stock portfolio must be better, if that’s important.  If life is worse, please tell me how? Tell me how President Obama is responsible? I don’t need vague political rhetoric. Be specific and relate it to Obama policy.

If you can’t do that, consider your support for Trump. And get a copy of Time, “240 reasons to Celebrate America.” America is  not a bad place to live. Never though I’d be waving the flag like this but with Trump it’s necessary.

Number 2:   Trump supporters! Are there any positive articles about Trump? I know you probably think the mainstream/liberal media is out to destroy him. But so many articles about his history as well as behavior and comments during this campaign paint a portrait of someone who should never be President. Republicans who can afford any potential political fallout have refused to support or have spoken out against him. This isn’t typical.

I’m not crazy about Clinton but Trump is a crazy choice for President. The country is no worse than it was before Obama’s election — it’s probably better but at least no worse.

I think, too many decent people have been sucked into the Trump vortex. Stop, listen to what’s being written and said about Donald Trump. It’s not your regular and unfortunate and partisan low blows, hype, and political nonsense.  Consider, and I hope embrace. Donald Trump is an unacceptable candidate. I don’t expect those that really like his racist and sexist comments, absurd policy pronouncements, arrogant, self centered behavior will recant.

But I know there are decent people currently in his camp than can and should reconsider.  Donald Trump is an unacceptable candidate for President of the United States.

Number 3:  Who is defending Trump? Am I missing something? I have a limited number of friends on FB. But many have association with HGP and not so long ago association with HGP ran about 90% Republican. In my last years teaching there the tide shifted a bit, my classes were maybe 60% Republican. Some of my best political discussions were with HGP young Conservative Republicans in the Library (I was the Librarian). Where are you guys? Can you explain Trump? Can you support him? Vote for him? Please tell me why!

I expected Trump would have a strong 30% base of loyal supporters.  From my liberal perspective, these were the crazies that believed in  his sell.  What bothers me is the additional percentage of good, decent people sucked into the Trump vortex  who have bought the sell — neighbors, relatives, friends.  Most disturbing is not hearing-reading why?  I want good people to explain Trump and his policies.  Help if you can.


2 thoughts on “Trump: I’m tired.

  1. Liz says:

    Thank you!!!
    I agree with you 100%
    It scares me America swallows him beyond a tv show , it’s Sad so many are absorbed into his drama~

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