Ancestry – who am I?

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For years, I’ve wanted to discover more about my roots.  The recent trip to Roccavivara my Grandfather Profy’s home town, was part of the project.  During the trip I clarified many people in my family tree.  Earlier in the year, I met several of my mother’s Irish relatives.  They emailed me some genealogical pages one of the Gallagher clan had collected.  Italy, Ireland; Italian, Irish.

Grandfather Profy and brothers   Some  Gallagher’s    Mill Street Boys Club

Growing up in Bristol Borough I was from both sides of the tracks.  Although I went to the Irish Catholic school and church; I identified more with my Italian heritage.  In my Sophomore year at Boston College, I read Leon Uris’s “Trinity.”  It is a powerful novel about the times of trouble in Ireland.  I immediately wrote my mother saying that I would recognize my Irish heritage.

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