The Garden — an update


Last year’s vegetable garden was a huge success. Temperature, rainfall, and my “light green” thumb yielded a bumper crop. Over 300 pounds of tomatoes, heirlooms for eating, Roma and Marzanos for canning. We pickled green tomatoes — sweet and sour. Cherry tomatoes were roasted and frozen. We made salsa and tomatoe paste for pies. We froze, dried and pickled peppers– sweet and hot. Zucchini was crushed and frozen — makes a sinful chocolate zucchini bread. Extra basil was turned into pesto. Eggplant turned in baba ganousch. Throughout the summer we had lettuce, kale, bok choi, spinach, collards, and Swiss chard. Some cucumbers but an amazing harvest of green beans from 6 plants. We even had 10 foot sunflowers. The 2014 was a great year for gardening.

Now on to 2015.


The 2015 garden (above) is expanded. Perennials — asparagus and rhubarb join last year’s planting of raspberries. Over 40 tomatoe plants, lots of peppers and egg plants. Onions and elephant garlic. Already we are harvesting lettuce and spinach. In fact the lettuce is getting way ahead of us. Two rows from a Fall planting came up adding to my usual Spring plants.

2015 garden.




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