Good Ideas: a new year

January 2015 — and already a week has passed. I read an article recently about why we don’t keep New Year’s resolutions. Usually too grand. I never make them anyway but I do have some ideas for the coming year. Not resolutions; good ideas. Diane and I have enjoyed just over a half year of retirement. As we proceed there are some things I hope to do. One of the first is regular blogging. I want to write and the blog is the easiest type of publication. Maybe something will follow (newspaper, magazine, book) but for the present the blog is fine. Just need to write regularly.

My walking routine is established and I can probably thank Moe who gets me out no matter how cold or wet. But I need to begin some other exercise — stretching to begin. Monday I finally attended a chair yoga at the Lower Makefield Library. If I can get into the routine, loosen up a bit, maybe I can go to some regular yoga classes. For now the chair is good. I also want to be more focused in my reading and more sophisticated in my photography. With that in mind I have found a photography club that meets here in Yardley and a Great Books discussion group that meets in Langhorne. I plan to attend and try out both groups.

Diane and I have begun to lay out some travel plans. A trip to visit Cousin Ellen in DC this month. Want to go to the Holocaust Museum to add to the story thread of our friend Ragna Hamilton in our lives. I have read several books about Ravensbrook and am ready to reread her memoir. In February John Paglione and I will head to Montpelier, Madison’s house in Virginia. For a week we will work on the reconstruction of a slave cabin. Check out the Montpelier website– an interesting project. We will add some additional days in DC and VA — a bit of serendipity. Diane has also booked 2 weeks at the Orleans House we have rented for the past two years in Cape Cod. Two weeks creates a much fuller, relaxed get away. More time with the kids. Several other trip ideas in the works — West coast, Maine island, Vermont (maybe go back to King Arthur). We talk about a trip abroad but need a lot more thought — where, when, how. And local field trips will continue — usually weekly.

One of the benefits of retirement is time to reconnect with friends. Sometimes people who you haven’t seen in years. It seems that has begun to happen more frequently. We will be having a number of lunches, dinners, and visits from a variety of ghosts from the past.

This year we must also continue to address the practical, a new will, house repairs, house appraisal, sell and organize stuff. My motto has frequently been “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” But the day after tomorrow eventually comes. And as my Mother always said “Ideas are only good when put into action.” No resolutions; hopefully good ideas.


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